Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Truth or Fact?

God I hate this argument! Yesterday James Taranto brought up the issue of Creationism vs Evolution and today published a letter from a reader.

Science has to do with fact, not truth; religion has to do with truth, not fact.

It's so simple. It's true that God created the Universe in 7 days, Adam from mud and Eve from his rib and mud: this truth speaks to our understanding of the nature of man, woman, life, sex; it gives a sense of wholeness to human experience; it grounds us in a necessary mytho-poetic form through which we create the social and moral order in which we participate and uphold by our actions. But it's a fact that humankind evolved from lower life forms. One is an emotional understanding of life without which our lives would be empty; the other an exercise in imagination and logic without which our existence would be fruitless. If you don't understand why, I pity you.

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