Thursday, August 20, 2009

The conversion of an abortion agnostic

I have never been particularly exercised over the abortion issue. I've been content to let the two sides fight it out. But something James Taranato covered today made me think:
Writing in Slate, Meredith Simons suggests what seems an expedient remedy: keep abortion out of government insurance, and let private philanthropy fill the breach. But she notes:

Progressives hate the idea of a private abortion fund. They argue that abortion is a medical procedure like any other and should be covered by any insurance plan, public or private. Nobody has to set up charities for appendectomies--why do it for abortions?

An abortion is not an appendectomy. A burst appendix is a threat to life. Pregnancies lead to life. Pregnancy is, in fact, not an illness of any kind and, if not an illness, why are doctors "treating" it to "restore health" to the patient?

It's interesting. My view has now changed completely. Since pregnancy is not only healthy but super-healthy: the way in which all of us are born, doctors have no right to interfere. If the woman can't afford a baby, how is that a doctor's business? Since when is a doctor a social worker? A doctor's job is the physical health of his patient and, having taken the Hyppocratic Oath which instructs him to do no harm, to save life and alleviate suffering, doctors practising abortion should probably have their licenses to practise medicine revoked.

What a conversion from an abortion-neutral agnostic to a full-bloown Pro-Lifer! And why? Because the Left just doesn't know when to shut up and stop lying through its teeth.

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