Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Lebanese Coup d’etat

In a CTV interview with Emile Lahoud tonight , a catatonic journalist lobbed a couple of softballs which allowed the Lebanese president to act tough and save face. He stated that the Lebanese army will fight beside Hiz'b'allah if the Israelis don’t leave Lebanon.

The interviewer might have asked if he thinks it possible for a sovereign state to maintain its sovereignty with two armies controlled by two different men?

It might have been interesting to ask if his pledge to throw the Lebanese army behind Hiz'b'allah didn't signify his surrender to a coup d'etat led by Hassan Nasrallah?

Since Hiz'b'allah leads a small parliamentary party and a large army, one would think the inevitable comparison could have been made between the current Lebanese situation and the Fascist Blackshirts and Nazi Brownshirts of 1930s Italy and Germany.

One would have thought to ask if this represented the rise of Fascism or the rise of a second Islamic republic?

But she didn’t. Nor did she ask if his pledge of support means Nasrallah is de facto head of the Lebanese state.

Hassan Nasrallah is the de facto leader today, a fact the brain-dead media haven’t cottoned onto. Would America allow a militia of a hundred thousand men wanting to rescind the constitution in favour of some other kind of law?

In February 23rd, 2005,

Lahoud told the Sada al-Balad newspaper that the government "cannot succumb to opposition demands," adding that the only way to solve problems is through dialogue.

"I say to the opposition if you want the government's downfall, you
can work for that in Parliament," Lahoud said.

Apparently, Mr. Nasrallah of Hiz'b'allah has opted for another route. Will the left recognize a theocratic fascist dictatorship and condemn it? Don’t hold your breath.

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