Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Media War

Please see Melanie Phillips's blog
here for her analysis of the media's mishandling of the war. She only leaves out two things, firstly, that the media guys in Lebanon are junkies. More important is the war of symbolism.

Why does everyone want to believe every bad thing they hear about Jews? The reason is cultural.

A hole right in the center of the Red Cross. A missile targets an ambulance, fisked thoroughly at
zombietime. Why did the fraud work? Symbolism.

Here is an earlier attempt to use Christian symbolism to turn Christian populations against Israelis.

It is important to note that the rise of secular culture in the West, formerly known as Christendom, has not erased the basis of Western culture, which is founded on its myths: it is still Christian and attempts to eradicate it and its values through nationalism and other systems have failed spectacularly. Christian imagery channelled through the unconscious is stronger, not weaker than that apprehended consciously within its own, recognizable, context.

Secular institutions are projections of the faith institutions upon which the culture is grounded but with all reference to their origins expunged. The institutions subsume the content of their origin and become holy in themselves. This, I think, explains the perverse near-holiness of abortion and buggery to the Left. After all, gay rights & feminism have weakened the legal and popular basis of their own ideas by failing to reproduce at a rate necessary to keep their ideas afloat. Blue states in the US are bleeding voters and, therefore, representation in the House of Representatives. Their success has been phyrric. When I asked a friend in the arts whether this points to a flaw in democracy or that the ideas themselves were unsustainable, she did what leftists do best: she avoided reality and embraced the dream which, it must be pointed out, leads to elitist undemocratic rule by an effete pseudo-intellectual class.

But back to the point: the Israeli with a weapon in his hand is a Jew with a spike and hammer at the foot of the Cross. Muslim warriors know very well how to pluck these strings. They know us better than we know them. That's trouble.

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