Saturday, October 21, 2006

Life's a... bitch?

According to Mark Holland, Liberal Poodle of Canada, Peter MacKay answered a colleague of his in the clean air debate who'd said, don't you care about clean air for humans and animals? What about your dog? And MacKay pointed to Belinda Stronach's chair and said "You already have her." A clever crack, I thought, and I'm not talking about Belinda.

But is Belinda Stronach a bitch? Bitches are made that way by nature; Stronach is more cunning. When she crossed the floor was she a whore? Whores rent their pudenda, they don't sell their souls.
She is, therefore, neither a bitch nor a whore.

Accusations of sexism abound, naturally but what’s really sexist is that women like Belinda hide behind their sex and dismiss all opposition to their wills with that catch-it-all accusation. And the fact that Jens can say this kind of stuff but Johns can’t. Here's Jen Z, for example, from, a great post:

The Canadian Press confirmed today that recently retired Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi and Liberal MP Belinda Stronach are linked. As we mentioned last week, it was reported that they were seen together at the Toronto International Film Festival. And now Stronach has been named as the "other woman" in a divorce application filed by his wife Leanne.

One of the incidents cited in the document is that a friend of Leanne's saw Domi and Stronach walking holding hands down Madison Avenue in New York. None of this has been proven in court yet, but if it is true, shame on them. Domi's a dummy - not only for cheating on his wife and three kids, but for being disrespectful enough to be seen in public doing it too. And Stronach's a homewrecker - becoming involved with a married man...we love politicians with outstanding ethics, don't you?!

We were pondering what these two could possibly have in common and it occurred to us that maybe it's chewing men up and spitting them out - Domi with his fists on the ice and Stronach with her man-eating ways -she's been married twice and broke up with MP Peter Mackay when she crossed the floor in the House of Commons and became a Liberal). Like we said before, Domi better watch out. She'll leave him for the opposition ... a retired Montreal Canadiens player.

Love that last paragraph so much I emphasized it.
Here’s another bit I like, right from the horse’s mouth:

"I have chosen a public vocation and I recognize the scrutiny and attention that comes with that. At the same time, I am an individual citizen and I respect the right of everyone to privacy in their personal life."

Exactly! She wants it both ways. Actually it's even more simple than that: She wants it her way.

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