Sunday, October 01, 2006


Is this the end of S.African democracy?

I guess when you have an ignoramus like Thabo Mbeki saying that AIDS isn't spread by sexual contact and only a myth invented to make Africans look like they have no self-control, this kind of thing is bound to happen.

Congratulations to the Cape Town mayor-elect, Helen Zille, from the opposition Democratic Alliance, and best wishes at surviving the onslaught. Why can't the DNC see that her victory is a signpost of their political health and just accept the defeat?

By the way, the Telegraph blogsite says:

South Africa needs a serious debate on crime

No less than 18,528 people were murdered between April last year and March this year. By way of comparison, Britain has about 800 murders a year – and its population is 50 percent greater than South Africa’s.

My brother, who works in the movie business, recently came back from South Africa with stars in his eyes I could discern through his rose-colored glasses. South Africa is wonderful he said, people there are really trying. I asked him, rather coldly, whether or not they were still pulling 2 or 3 bodies off the train to Johannesburg each and every morning. I guess the numbers above give the answer.

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