Monday, September 04, 2006

Ground Kofi Dumped

Kofi Annan was left hanging in the wind by the president of Iran, that blessed man who talks to the hidden imam (though he's been dead—oops: in "grand occulation"—since 941) and dreams of a chaos great enough to bring him back and end history. Captain's Quarters has it here. Amedinijad was asked not to go on about Holocaust denial (there's an exhibition in Teheran with cartoons to belittle Jewish suffering) and the nutter went to the mic and announced a new conference to "study" the "exaggerations."

Well it looks good on him! Any useful (if not treacherous) idiot who says Syria will guard the Syrian-Lebanese border to ensure weapons don't get to Hiz'b'allah, deserves to be snubbed and publicly humiliated. He also deserves it for saying "I believe the Holocaust is a fact..." He believes? It's a matter of belief? He's already well on his way to Amedinijad's position anyway. And look at the result: he gets stranded there because he didn't come all the way. Anyone thinking compromise is possible with such as he is deluded.

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