Monday, September 18, 2006

Like Terrorism

Bloor and Ossington area, in front of a sports bar, less than an hour ago I witnessed a brutal assault and battery on a defenseless man whose friends did nothing but watch. I also did nothing but called the police when they were at a safe distance. I have medical reasons but I guess everybody does.

The suspects, all in their twenties:

1) a fat black guy with a blue baseball cap, dark pants and jacket, white t-shirt, about 230 pounds, mid-brown complexion;
2) a tall man, mid-brown complexion but redder, smooth long oval face with prominent dark eyes and cornrow hair, about 6 ½ feet tall;
3) a short black girl with a mid-brown complexion tending toward the grey, about five feet to 5’2", a triangular shaped face, no more than 120 pounds, wearing dark boots, jeans and a jean jacket.

The victim: about 55 years old, white and grey hair, paunchy, white roundish face.

The victim, so far as I could see, did nothing provocative but then I came on the scene when they were at the eyeballing phase. But I saw no provocation. The taller man delivered at least two or three vicious blows without the slightest look of any kind of feeling. The blows were in no way defensive but were intended to cause injury. When the man was good and down, the young "lady" ran up and kicked the man three times, once landing with her boot in his face. A last kick stomped his face from above. The fat guy went back for his knapsack waving his hands in defence, showing he meant nothing aggressive. In fact, I did not see him participate in the battery.

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