Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What A Post!

From a reader at DanielPipes.com in response to "Finding Allah in Unlikely Places." He calls himself, believe it or not, Chayim Yenkel! My grandmother would've loved that! It is response to Pipes' story about Muslims getting Nike to recall Nike Air sneakers because "offended Muslims" claimed to see the name "Allah" where "Air" is written. Pulled out of the air indeed. I have a few posts there too. The whole string is interesting. But here is Chayim Yenkel's brilliant post:

Submitted by Chayim Yenkel, Sep 13, 2006 at 11:24

God alone is holy. Not His name, not His prophets, but God alone. Holiness that spreads from God first to this great prophet, then to this lesser one, thus to this king or this cleric, this teacher, this imam to this promising student to that student's beloved gerbil in his cage is a primitive and corrupt debasement of all that is holy.

Nothing is holy but God. Put his name in the bottom of your sneakers, write it with ketchup in a urinal! God is still holy no matter what. His holiness is independent of ours. We can choose to come near or to stay away. It's our decision, our loss, our gain. This Nike complaint is all irrational primitive gibberish. Worship the Haram al Sharif or the Temple Mount, worship the bones of the saints, worship the images of your prophets: you are all idolaters locked away from God with no way in to His presence. Submit to God, not to His creatures or any representation of God or His creatures! God's name defiled on a Nike? What nonsense!

Isn't that glorious!

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