Thursday, July 27, 2006

"...apparently deliberate" attack

Kofi Annan accuses Israel of an "apparently deliberate" attack of a UNIFIL position. Since UNIFIL has
hidden terrorists for years and allowed terrorists to hide behind them, who cares? This same UNIFIL was responsible for allowing Hiz'b'allah agents to cross the Lebanon/Israeli border and kidnap Israeli soldiers while dressed as UN peacekeepers. The UN had a videotape of the kidnapping that it denied existed for more than six months. Then they admitted it but wouldn't let the Israelis look at it for fear of giving away intelligence information. The UN was frightened that its tiny toy soldiers might be in trouble from the big bad terrorist group they were commanded to disarm. I think I've just discovered one of the reasons why their mission has been so fruitless for anyone but the terrorists.

Then there's corruption. Terrorism pays, and it pays the UN more than almost anyone in the world.
Child prostitution? Gotta pay the UN its cut! Oil for food? Check! And how 'bout Rwanda? "Let's go!" wrote General Romeo Dallaire, the UN chief officer who wanted to grab the weapons and prevent the slaughter. "Let's not," was the masterfully terse response from Kofi. So almost a million Tutsis were butchered to death with machetes and Kofi got to be top pimp at the sewer it pleases us to call the UN.
Paul, from Henderson, Nevada, U.S.A. writes in the comments (comment #3) on
this report from Arutz Sheva:

Maintaining an office in a declared war zone is proof enough that the UN is deliberately impeding Israel's battle against terrorism. Kofi Annan sits snug in his free luxury salon while pontificating about casualties, but he is the one person who is responsible for the death of the UN reps because he refused to demand their evacuation and instead used them as human shields for Hezbullah.

Olmert does not owe anyone an apology. He is defending his people against Islamic terrorism. Kofi Annan is the one who should get down on his knees and beg forgiveness. His corruption and immorality is in good measure responsible for the war brought to Israel by his Hezbullah friends. Kofi's pious mouthings are to laugh. Viva to the Patriots of Israel from the NON-evangelical Christians for Zion.

Amen, brother! The last thing we need is more UN toy soldier-pimp-drug dealer-intelligence salesmen. Israel should obliterate the real culprit, Syria, thereby liberating Lebanon and isolating Iran.

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