Monday, July 24, 2006

Get A Grip!

Kids signing missiles? Not nice, for sure. Kids being missiles? Palestinian children are indoctrinated to become human bombs by schools, their "government" and their parents, who celebrate when their children die while killing Jews.

It would be easier for me to be sympathetic to the deaths of children in the Arab world if Arab parents didn't alternate between grief and elation over their children's deaths, the difference being whether or not they killed Jews or were killed with them.

The Palestinians are the most morally twisted people on the planet. They got that way mostly through the indifference of their Arab neighbours, who refusaed to allow them to emigrate to their nations. They even, to this day, while professing love for them, refuse even to allow Palestinians born within their borders the rights of citizenship.

The most pressing part of the Palestinian problem is solvable with a single event: an international declaration that all peoples are automatically citizens in the nations of their birth and entitled to all the rights, priviledges, responsibilities and duties of citizenship. Ten minutes later, the incubators of terrorism, the Palestinian "refugee camps" (in business for an obscene 60 years) should be closed. The UN will just have to get its money by selling more child sex slaves: something they're expert in.

Another idea: build something nice but not particularly impressive right across the street from Turtle Bay. Hold regular meetings of the World Democratic States, democracy being the prerequisite for membership. Which way will traffic flow? Which way will prestige flow? It's a no-brainer.


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