Sunday, July 23, 2006

Christ Killers!

In a masterpiece of perversion, the Mail & Guardian Online has published an obscenity titled Orgy Of Destruction, implying that Israel's attacks on Hiz’b’allah targets in Lebanon is not only disproportionate (arguable) but that it represents a degenerate feeding of a sexually sadisitic appetite (a lie it implies by the title itself and by comparison to the outstanding psychopathic sadistic regime of all time: Nazi Germany). Similar libels are traditional: early Christians were accused of incestuous orgies, bestiality, blood libels. And the Mail & Guardian is using the same blood libel used against Jews from time immemorial, and repeated in our day by high officers of many Arab nations (like the Syrian Foreign Minister); that Jews feed off the bodies of the young and innocent Christian or Muslim, depending upon the place of origin of the libel.

Whenever the Jew decides not to live under another’s boot, he is accused of killing or denying God and therefore a just target for extermination. I will fisk this deicide myth in this post. But first, a look at the Mail & Guardian’s editorial:

In May 1942, one of the Nazi regime's most notorious mass murderers, Deputy Reich Protector Reinhard Heydrich, was assassinated by Czech partisans. The Nazi response was to demolish the nearby village of Lidice house by house and either shoot its inhabitants or send them to death camps.

What, in principle, is the difference between the collective punishment visited on Lidice and the indiscriminate bombing of Lebanese roads, bridges, homes and apartment blocks, telecommunications and power infrastructure, airports, factories, food warehouses and medical facilities by Israeli armed forces?

Not that the Mail & Guardian is interested, but there are a few differences:

  1. The Germans had invaded a sovereign nation: Hizb’allah invaded sovereign Israel in an act of war.
  2. The Germans were not in hot pursuit; the Germans were not trying to free two of their kidnapped people.
  3. The bombings of Israel by Hizb’allah are indiscriminate: the bombings of Hizb’allah’s strongholds by Israel are not. (this is an outright lie in the editorial)
  4. The assassins did not live in Lidice; the aggressors of Israel do live, and attack Israel, from Lebanon.
  5. The Israelis are not going house to house to murder anybody anywhere. (again: this is an outright purposeful lie.)
  6. The Nazis had expressed an explicit desire to destroy an entire race of people and used the power of their state to do so. The Israeli state has never made any such attempt and never will.
  7. People (in the Nazi story, remember, it's people who are deliberately killed) are not roads, bridges, homes, telecommunications and power infrastructure, airports, factories, food warehouses, medical facilities...

Charging Israel with acts of genocide are a constant of the feces-throwing crowd. If Israel wanted to commit genocide it could have done so easily. In 1967 the population of the West Bank was 1.5 million. It is now 3.7 million. Clues for identifying genocide: drops in population, not the doubling of it.

It doesn’t surprise me to hear this kind of perverted antisemitc garbage come out of South Africa. Apartheid may have ended, but South Africa is still the moral toilet of the world, though now it's packaged in a new and improved self-righteous variety. In Durban, just days before 9/11, The genocidal "Protocols of the Elders of Zion" was freely distributed at a destroy-the-Jews conference that scrupulously avoided any mention of human rights violations by any other country.

The orgy of destruction that was the so-called Human Rights Conference culminated in the ultimate psychopathic sadistic act of our time: the bombing of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. From the West Bank to the New Jersey shores, Arabs and Muslims celebrated their Orgy of Destruction. That the Mail & Guardian fishwrap (online version) continues to obsolve terrorists to beat up on the Jews is neither surprising nor edifying. Even the witless knows the smell of blood coming from the pen of a butcher.

But these Jews aren’t likely to lay down and die so that you will love—no—worship them. This is the hypocricy of the Jew hating Christian (if, indeed, such be Christians): "The only good Jew is a dead Jew and he happens to be my personal saviour." The Jews may have had Jesus killed but, clearly, they killed what they took to be a man. "Forgive them, Father, they know not what they do." They took him to be an apostate, a usurper of rabbinical authority, perhaps even of priestly power, but it is self-evident that they did not take him to be God.

Christians have, for two millenia, blamed Jews for two mutually exclusive things: for failing to recognize that Jesus was that saviour promised them by their own prophets, and for killing God. Obviously, they cannot be blamed for both. Indeed, it is the "Christian" Jew-hater who lets Jesus--not as-man, but Christ, die in vain every day. It is they who are the deicides, they who are blind Sauls, persecuting, labouring on roads that lead away from Damascus.

Here’s a better "What’s the difference?" question for the twisted anti-Semites on the Mail & Guardian's editorial board: What’s the difference between "Crucify him! Crucify him! Crucify him!" and "Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews! Kill the Jews!" ? It sounds like the same bloodlust to me.

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