Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Debbie Schlussle, in her post today, says there are 25,000 American green-card holders, mostly dual citizens, in Lebanon. If that’s so, then Canada’s 25,000 Lebanese-Canadians is huge. Canada has only 1/10th of America’s population!

and, says, Schussel, the majority are pro-Hiz'b'allah.

Reminds me of Omar Kadr, "Al Kanadi" (the Canadian) who was Canadian in the free-medical-care sense of the word. Trained with Al-Qaeda, got shot fighting the infidel, got patched up for free in Toronto and got right back on the battlefield where, happily for our side, he died. His family insisted that, being Canadians and therefore free people, they had the right to be in favour of Al-Qaeda ("We are Al-Qaeda, we are an Al-Qaeda family. This is a free country. We can believe as we like." (I quote from memory.)

I hope CSIS has its eye on this and that the Mounties aren't assuming they come from "a broad spectrum" of political values.

How many Lebanese-Canadians who the government are straining to evacuate are Canadian in the free-health-care Omar Kadr sense?

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