Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tears for Lebanon

There are a lot of stories about Lebanese suffering these days but not much of it has much context. The Lebanese were victims of a horrible civil war followed by a long occupation by Syria. Israel occupied its south to prevent missiles being fired into its northern towns and farms. It withdrew six years ago. Now Hiz'b'Allah, an Iranian proxy army, has worked toward making the once liberal and fun-loving, tolerant Lebanon into a theocracy after the model of the Ayatollah Khomeini, who founded this group of murderers. Their kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldiers has now called Israel's wrath upon Lebanon's people.

Israel is defending its country from agression. My guess is that the present aggresion is a missile test Iran has fashioned to prepare for its much anticipated and often-announced nuclear attack on Israel. The kidnapping was a ruse to draw enemy fire. With such fire comes blood. With blood comes propaganda. In the war with Israel, every death has propaganda value in a perverted and psychotic culture where parents celebrate their childrens' deaths in acts of murder.

It's not just a test of weapon systems: it's a test of Israel's will and the international community's support for liberty against fascism and religious tyranny.

The media hasn't seemed to see it this way. It should keep in mind that the best way to avoid civilian casualties is to shorten the duration of war. The worst thing that could happen now is for Israel to let Hiz'b'allah off the hook so that it can reconstitute itself down the road, this time with more dangerous weapons.

Hiz'b'allah must be crushed entirely and its flight followed, if necessary, first to Syria, then to Iran. Many world leaders understand this, even Arab leaders, who have criticized Hiz'b'allah -- an unheard of event.

The prize for moral clarity goes to Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada. No other leader has expressed himself so convincingly, so clearly and has analyzed the situation as well. Hiz'b'allah is the agressor and it must tbe crushed. A far cry from the "balanced" point of view of his Liberal predecessors! It's rare that the politicians are ahead of the people, but this time they seem to be.

Go Israel, go. The crushing of Hiz'b'allah is the greatest gift that could possibly be given to the Lebanese people.

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