Wednesday, July 19, 2006

An Historical Mistake or an Historian's?

The Washington Post has published an Op-Ed piece so stupid you've got to read it to believe it.

According to Richard Cohen, history is a one-horse horserace. There's only one reason for anything happening, as if history itself were not a debate about whose story would be accepted in the end!

Israel, he writes in his essay called Hunker Down With History, is an historical mistake.Well, I guess the USA is a mistake too. By what right did European Christians come to the Americas?

Oh, what about the Arabian nation of Muhammed's time and since, Mr. Cohen? What right did Muhammed and his followers have to go to Palestine, North Africa, Anatolia, Iberia Russia, France, the Balkans, Austria, Syria, Mesopotamia, Persia, the Indian subcontinent and Indonesia?

Cohen, unbelievably, seems to be saying that racial purity is the only legitimate raison d' ĂȘtre for nations. Faith is an OK reason for Islam to continue its occupation, its colonialization, its imperialism but Israel? Better hunker down Jew-boy, and take your lickin’, chicken!

Wrong Jew, wrong history. Welcome to Israel: life, joy, struggle, survival. These Jew-boys ain’t waitin’ in line for a de-lousing, you louse, you!

Wow! It’s not surprising that the world gets pissed off when Jews decide to live but it sure is shocking when a Jew like Cohen says so!

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