Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Honest Broker

Further to Haroon Siddiqui’s absurd and dishonest essay in the Star a couple of days ago (dishonest because it pretends to care about Mr. Harper’s electability), I thought I should say a thing or two about Canadian diplomacy under the last two Liberal governments.

Under the guise of attempting to be an honest broker in the Middle East, the Canadian government did indeed take sides, and decisively on the side of terrrorists against Israel, for they refused to even consider, even as a motivating factor in Israeli actions, the theory that the Arab states and their proxy armies were determined to exterminate the Jews of Israel and create a Jew-free Palestine.

Axworthy, Manley and Graham all insisted that everyone’s version of the history of the region is equally valid: Israel's, Hizb’allah’s, the PFLP’s, Hamas’s, and they only way forward to peace was by compromise.

But when one side wants all the Jews to be pushed into the Mediterranean and drowned, what is the compromise position? Arrange a UN force to compassionately drown half of them?

The only theory the Candian foreign ministers refused to consider seriously is the genocidal one which history proves to be the accurate one: The Jews, hunted from state to state for centuries, butchered in Europe with either the tacit consent or gleeful participation (brave Denmark excepted) of the entire world (including the Arabs and other Muslims), finally settle in the land of their origin. A compromise to allow them their own state fails through Arab intransigence. The British betray them by setting up the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem as the future head of the Palestinian state they are now to live under: the man helped organize the Bosnian SS, the man who lived in Berlin under Hitler’s wing, who promised the Jews of Palestine to Hitler should he win in Europe: that guy. The guy who, in 1940, asked the Axis powers to acknowledge the Arab right: "... to settle the question of Jewish elements in Palestine and other Arab countries in accordance with the national and racial interests of the Arabs and along the lines similar to those used to solve the Jewish question in Germany and Italy." Naturally, the Jews declare unilateral independence and fight for their lives against the British and all the Arab nations.

The Jews continue their fight against a genocidal enemy to this day. The Liberal governments of Chrétien and Martin were far from honest brokers. By denying entirely the Jewish perspective they took a definite side against Israel. The only reason the Liberal governments of the past even recognized Israel was to assuage the national conscience and as a public relations stunt: too sell the idea that Canada was a "moral superpower." All that was to make everyone forget that, when Jews were trying to escape the Holocaust, Canada did nothing.

Mr. Harper has only straightened out the track. Now Canada really is an honest broker.

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